Global talent search and my “little terrarium”


Last week I promised to show you my entry for the first assignment of the Global talent search run by Lilla Rogers Studio today. I was thinking about preparing two blog posts, one in case I don´t make it to the 2th round and a second one should I become a semifinalist. But what would be the point as I couldn´t tell how I would feel? So I didn´t prepare anything. I will not tell you that I was cool. I wasn´t at all. I was nervous, nervous as can be and last night, before the semifinalists were announced, I almost didn´t sleep. While scrolling through the list of the semifinalists’ artwork this morning I kept saying “I didn´t make it, I didn´t.” And then I saw the lavender top of my “Little terrarium” and fell  into my Mum´s arms who was sitting next to me. The girls started applauding and screaming: “Mummy made it, Mummy made it!” And I started crying because I was both so happy, because I will be working on the second assignment soon and unhappy because some dear friends are not joining me into the second round.

999 artists from 50 countries took part in the GTS 2014 and they did an amazing job. This year there is a gallery with all the beautiful entries, so you don´t have to search the internet. You can find all 50 entries who made it into the semifinals on Lilla´s blog. And Lilla did a lovely video about the judging process, you might enjoy watching it.

I would like to thank everybody for all the lovely congratulations I got, they mean the world to me. I would like to wish “good luck” to all semifinalists for the next assignment. And last but not least a little message  to some of the 949 artists who might feel discouraged and dissapointed today: You ALL can be very proud of the work you did. You all gave your best, worked hard, put your heart into the art you created. This is a good reason to be proud.

And here is my interpretation of the “Little terrarium”. I intended to create a warm, feminine piece with a positive message that relates as well to the the terrarium theme as to real life. I hope you like it.

GTS submission "Little terrarium" by Petra Haemmerleinova©

If you are not familiar with the futher process of GTS, here is a short summary: Today all 50 semifinalists got the second briefing and have 9 days to work on it. On Monday, the 8th September the gallery with all semifinal submissions will be online til Friday, the 12th September on Lilla Rogers´ blog and you will get the opportunity to vote for your favorite pieces. The artist with the most votes will become the “People´s Choise Finalist”. A panel of proffesional creative judges together with Lilla Rogers´ Studio will choose the other five finalists. The six finalists will then work on the third and last assignment. The winner of the final round is going to win a two years representation by Lilla Rogers Studio and an amount of licensing deals with great companies, some one-to one consultations with experts from the creative world and a trip to Europe. Wow, isn´t it? So stay tuned.


Und hier eine Entschuldigung an alle meine deutschen Leser: Im Moment schaffe ich es einfach nicht, zweisprachig zu bloggen. Das tut mir leid, ist aber zeitlich nicht zu ändern. Ich hoffe, Ihr schaut trotzdem immer wieder vorbei und ich gelobe im Gegenzug den Willen zur Besserung.


Little terrarium (and the Global talent search)


Are you also dying see the art people from all over the world created for the first assignment of the Global talent search run by Lilla Rogers Studio? I bet you are and so am I. But this year all participants were asked to show the artwork they submitted first when public gallery is open and the 50 semifinalists are announced.  I decided to follow this advice so you will have to wait til 26th of August if you are curious of what I came up with.

But at least I can share the subject matters. Lilla´s briefing asks to create a wall art with a little terrarium, including traditional media was recommended. Where I come from, terrarium is a glass box where scary animals live. Such as snakes, tarantulas, chameleons, turtles. But Lilla´s little terrarium is full of georgeous little plants like orchids, succulents, fern. I love to draw flowers and all natural so this was a pleasure to see on the mood images. But… The only thing I was really afraid of waiting for the brief was   W A L L    A R T.  I could have guessed it, as the last two assignments in Bootcamp were wall art. But still….. I feel uncomfortable with wall art.

As I can´t share the finished piece yet, nor the work in progress, I would love to share the non visual part of it.


11.00 a.m.  Oh God. It´s wall art. Panicking.

12.00 a.m. Spending about one hour on research.

13.00 p.m. Thinking of Lilla´s advice to start with a mini. Mini is always good. Relieves the pressure. Spent the rest of the time drawing little flowers, plants and everythings coming to my mind when thinking of little pretty terrariums.

20.00 pm. Thinking a lot about a concept. Sketching several ideas. Finding that obvious is best sometimes.

Going to bed late, but happy with the doodles.


9.00 a.m. Taking out my watercolours and acrylics to create the traditional part.

11.00 am. Very happy about the new green watercolour shade I bought recently. Surprisingly vibrant.

15.00 p.m. Start scanning and working in PS, putting pieces together.

19.00 p.m. Dinner time: Almost crying as I will never ever be able to succeed with a wall art piece. Driving my family crazy talking just about GTS.

20.00 p.m. Back to my computer.


1.30 a.m. Done. Overflooded with endophines. Too excited to fall asleep.

10.00 a.m. Still loving what I created. Questioning if it´s possible to finish a GTS submission (a great one) in only two days.

4. Day – 6.Day

Looking at my little terrarium and asking myself if the quality of an artwork relates to the hours spent on creating it. (Not neccessarily! It might just be the perfect fit, the briefing and you.). Shifting and tweaking leafs and flowers just to make sure. Adding little details here and there.


Submitting. And believe it or not, I enjoyed myself a lot. Wall art, I´m coming.


Dear artists,

Before GTS started this year I was thinking a lot about it and how to deal with the fact of not making it into the semifinal. I felt very sad and dissapointed last year so wanted to be more “prepared”. The question is, does the fact if you made it or not to the 50 semifinalists change anything about the quality of your art and the love you put into it while creating it? Of course not. It still remains the same. It just says that there were other artists who created something more suitable to what the judges loved/needed/ were looking for. So, please, feel proud about your submission whatever the news will be for you on the 26th. I will.

Warmly yours, Petra