Shattered dreams

GTS semi-finalists

Today we are offering you an exclusive interview with Petra Hämmerleinova, one of the non-semi-finalists of the Global talent search by Lilla Rogers. Above you see a random selection (the computer picked ten images out of the semi-finalist list)  of a few semi-finalist journal designs. The briefing asked for a journal cover with a playground theme as if your client was Paperchase. See all 50 semi-finalists on Lilla Rogers´blog here.

And here Petra´s journal cover, kicked out in the first round:


I: Petra, what were your feelings after you realized your journal cover design didn´t make it? 1500 entries from 30 countries all over the world took part, 50 made it, a chance of 1:30?

Petra: Well, I really love statistics so I was considering these numbers as well, but somehow I felt confident about my design. I went through everything Lilla taught us in her MATS course: icons, technique, colours, details, composition, textures, presentation, does the design read well in a thumbnail view and does it have a certain quirkiness? I spent three days alone on hand-lettering, because I know she loves it. So, yes, I thought I had a chance that my art will sell.

I: And then the moment came when you knew you will not work on the second briefing, you will not be Lilla´s next star. This must have been crushing.

Petra: I guess it felt very similar to all the other 1450 artists, who submitted to GTS and saw their dreams shattered. You know that it´s pretty impossible from the start, but you hope, hope all the time. I went two times down the semifinalist list to make sure I´m not in. …. I see you smiling. O.K. it was optimistic. But when you go into such a competition without believing into yourself,  you better don’t do it at all.

I: And your second thought?

Petra: Can snot destroy the keypad of my computer? I can assure all artist collegues full of self-pity, no, it will not. My second worries? How to stop crying before water drainage will completely dehydrate me (comment by the editor: at the moment it is extremely hot in Bavaria)?

I: I´m glad to see your humor back.

Petra: You can´t cry whole day and night when your kids are at home having summer holiday. You have to keep going. But waking up in the morning with this nasty feeling in your belly doesn´t feel good. I´m happy enough to have the MATS community which gives me some comfort.

I: So what are your plans for the future?

Petra: At the moment? I´m not sure. First of all I need to book some last-minute holiday for my family. That´s the positive thing about blowing out of GTS. We can have our summer holiday now.

I: Something else you would like to add?

Petra: Yeh, good luck to the 50 semi-finalists.

I: Thank you, Petra, and all the best for the future.

12 thoughts on “Shattered dreams

  1. Thank you for summing up exactly how I felt yesterday, Petra. Your journal is lovely. I kept trying to be positive despite the enormous odds. I kept hoping for a miracle. It never happened, and now I must decide if I have the will to continue. I will never stop making art, but I don’t know if I can realistically continue to dream this big. Warm hugs to you…if I had a blog I would be expressing just the same emotions you have written about here.

    • Donna, thank you so much. In german there is a saying: “Geteiltes Leid ist halbes Leid.”, what means something like ” A sorrow shared is a sorrow halved.” And I´m so greatful for our community and all the lovely comments on FB and here.
      I made my mind that Lilla is the best and the only agent in the world, but there are a lot of great agents in the world. Sometimes I think when I didn´t have a breakthrough til now (I´m 40), it will never happen. But that´s not true, when your art is excellent, nobody cares how old you are.
      We have to see the good thing bigger than the bad ones! You know what just happend? Somebody I didn´t know contacted me on FB as a new friend. The name looked familiar to me, but I couldn´t remember where I saw it before. After a while I knew it. It´s one of the judges from GTS, a creative director of a big company. So this is a good thing I have to focus on.
      And I´m really happy about getting comments here on my blog. Til now it felt like a big monolog and I very much appreciate that some readers feel the need to tell me something.
      Dear Donna, keep making you art, I promise I will do the same.
      Love xxxo

    • Rosie, thank you a lot. I wish you all luck for the second assignment! No matter if you win or not, you know that Lilla will have an open eye on you and that´s great opportuniny for your future.

  2. This is great post Petra, I had a very similar day and all those feelings are so intense, its crushing. I love your journal alot. You will do amazing things!

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