Mother’s day card

mother's day card haemmerleinova
Sunday is mother’s day in the UK.

I designed this card for you for free download (only private use, please).
So if your Mum is  amazing, lovely, beautiful ………

1. click on the card, it will open in it´s own window (at high resolution of 300 dpi)
2. copy it to your desktop
3. send it per email to your mum
or even better
3. print it, glue it on top of a heavy-weight paper and write something nice

As this is my first free-download post, please let me know, if everything went swimmingly.

3 thoughts on “Mother’s day card

  1. Hi Petti,

    bei mir funktionierts tadellos. Und jetzt mal auf internatioenglish: Awesome card design, I wish I would be a mother and get this card from my kids….



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