Tomorrow is an other day

mädchen-weinendThis is exactly how I feel tonight. Sad and poor.

I thought it might be a good idea to send out some emails to companies I would love to work with
(this is why I completely reworked my website and launched it this Saturday).
I called a big german publishing company which produces beautiful stationary goods
and talked to a really nice lady. She asked me to send her the link to my website and some pieces of my portfolio.
This evening I received a refusal coming from an intern, with some very general words.
I can´t even guess why they don´t consider a collaboration with me.

I know that this is a part of the freelancing business (it´s always an up and down),
but on some days it´s more difficult to deal with. Today is one of these days.

But hey, tomorrow is an other day and I would like to thank  all the people,
who signed up for my new blog, viewed my website and sent me some friendly words.

2 thoughts on “Tomorrow is an other day

    • Dear Pilar, thank you for you very friendly and encouraging words. I viewed your blog and your great drawings remind me very much of the illus in the kids magazines in my childhood (seventies/Czech Republik; the communism sucks, but the graphics were great). Unfortunatly I don´t understand your posts, but I guess the drawings are more important.

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