Bosses are not always wrong!

Ten years ago, when I used to be an ambitious footwear designer at adidas, I had a boss.
A tiny guy (I´m 158 cm, so you can imagine how tiny he was) from Argentina (the jokes about south american machos are all true), who kept telling me, women should stay at home and take care of the kids. His wife did, but me: no kids, no husband, nobody to take care of.

Once during a lunch break, I was sitting around and sketching just for fun, when he looked over my shoulders and was really surprised.
He told me, I should become an illustrator. I just laughed. I loved my job, my colleagues (except him), the shoes, so what.
Now, ten years later, with two kids on my hands (still no blond hair, sorry Gabriel), I´m sitting here and starting my brand new illustrator blog.
Finally I have to admit, you were right, so thanks to you:
Illustrating is the best thing I have ever done.

You are warmly welcome to celebrate my blog going online with me and my lego friends.

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